· Selby offers many choices; features and benefits in hide-away sleep systems.

· Wall bed systems mechanisms and accessories for all popular mattress/bed sizes

· Lift functions are enclosed in a 12 Ga. thick seamless steel housing, no exposed springs to fear

· Tension can be adjusted to compensate for a seasonal change of bedding or a replacement mattress

· Clients may choose between a mechanism that is exposed on, or concealed in, the bed frame

Complete Instructions, including cabinet dimensions, installation and adjustments are included in every shipment.

· Professional tech support for the wall bed maker is available On-Line or in person by telephone

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Wall Bed Systems and Mechanisms for Cabinet and Furniture Makers
Since 1949 Selby Furniture Company (The Houdini of Hardware) has been supplying innovative hardware solutions for cabinet and furniture makers. 

Since 1975 Selby Furniture Hardware Company has been supplying patented, quality European wall bed mechanisms and support for wall bed makers throughout North America.

You will find a broad choice of smooth operating, easy lift, wall bed systems and mechanisms on these pages. Please contact us for an in depth discussion with a qualified Selby team member of the many products and options that we offer or for technical support to build, install or adjust one of our Pardo powered wall bed products.

Please send inquiries to: nbruckner@selbyhardware.com
Selby Furniture Hardware Company        Since 1949